Rego and Uniform


Registrations Are OPENING SOON.  Registration and payment is to be completed online.

When it comes to the school section if you attend school in NSW please scroll to the bottom and choose “Other”


Under 6 to Under 17

Registration fees are $220

NSW Active Kids Vouchers accepted.

All registration fees are non-refundable.


Registration includes:

  • Saturday morning competition from September to March
  • A welcome pack (registration number, age patch)
  • Access to weekly coaching sessions
  • Full insurance for training, competition and LAQ carnivals
  • Christmas treat on our Christmas breakup event
  • Presentation Day 
  • Additional costs are Compulsory Uniform costs $65 (Club Shorts/bummers and club shirt or singlet/croptop)


Registration Age Table   2022-23 Season










All little athletes are required to wear the club uniform for all little athletics events.  A polo shirt and running shorts or bummers are compulsory. The uniform is available for purchase at the time of registration and at all centre meets from the canteen window.


Polo Shirt – $35             Running Shorts or Bummers – $30            Bucket Hat (optional) – $15

Crop top or singlet  – $25

**Singlets and crop tops are to be worn when competing only.  

A polo shirt must be worn for sun safety.

Skins can be worn but must be black with minimal writing and above the knees – full length skins are not permitted. Boys must wear shorts over skins.


Registration numbers must be sewn or securely fixed in the CENTRE on the FRONT of the polo

Coles patch = FRONT RIGHT. 

McDonald’s Age Patch = LEFT SLEEVE or left leg of bummers/shorts if wearing a croptop or singlet




LAQ’s Sun Safety Policy states that athletes must wear a hat and sunscreen.  

Shoes MUST be worn by all athletes whilst competing in any LAQ sanctioned track and field competition.



  1. Spikes may be worn in the U11 to U17 age groups at the discretion of the Centre Committee. 
  2. Spikes must be no longer than: a. 7mm (synthetic track) b. 9mm (synthetic field) c. 12mm (grass track or field). 
  3. Spiked shoes must be carried onto the track and to the field event areas and then removed on completion of the event.  
  4. Spiked shoes should be carried in a suitable bag at all times and stored safely when not in use. 
  5. Any athlete not exercising care when using spikes may be disqualified from wearing them.